Posted on February 3, 2024 Bumps and Bruises – 2024.2 Trout Newsletter
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Bumps and Bruises

2024 has already offered us a few bumps and bruises. Really! I’m starting off with that statement as I’m currently feeling the sting from a rope burn on my leg. I don’t have a huge story to go with that as it happened when I was walking our dog Trixie. Just living a regular life, then WHAM. The incident was so quick, I even forgave my dog, and yet the pain still lingers. Recently I was faced with a misunderstanding and, though things were clarified, the hurt lingered and I had to turn to the Lord for help as my heart wanted to retaliate.
Amaryn had a devotional from the Bible Project based on Khesed – a Hebrew word that encapsulates so many layers of His love, loyalty, justice, mercy. (Psalm 103:11-12, Micah 6:8 +more).The schedule for our Proverbs reading was on chapter 15 which talks about how our character and words can have so much impact on our relationship with Him and with others. Then, I also watched a Jackie Hill Perry sermon, “Watch Your Mouth.” Seeing a pattern here, Lord. In the past I might’ve used these very clear messages as ammo against my sister in Christ, but instead the Lord was calling me to reflect my own heart. I also have to keep practicing the act of making a choice in how to respond in love rather than reacting in response to my feelings. (Continued…)