Posted on February 22, 2019 Big News, Big Move!
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Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers during this US assignment.

As many of you know, since we have been back in the US we have been working with IM to discern a ministry direction.  On the 19th of February IM voted to send us to Chiang Rai, Thailand to team up with some incredible work being done.

What will you be doing? 

Kyle’s ministry description is as follows: Kyle will use his gifts to provide leadership, mentoring and coaching with staff in taking part in state-of-the-art information mapping. Kyle will join with Southeast Asia national leadership to seek justice for oppressed populations and to strengthen human rights and dignity.

Katrina has asked for time to focus on our children’s transition to a new country.  Once things settle she will begin getting to know what is going on in Chiang Rai and how she can use her skills to advance the Kingdom. There are plenty of opportunities that fit her gifts and passions.

When will you leave for Thailand?

We are praying that our support level can increase by ~15% before July which will open the door for us to depart the US in August.  This is vital as it will allow our children to start school in Thailand this year rather than waiting another year.

What needs to happen before you can leave?

We need about 5 new churches (or existing churches who can increase their support) and 15 more individuals to become sustaining members of our mission team.    Because of the change in location we lost some supporters but the major difference is schooling for our kids.  Going from home schooling to an international school caused a jump in our Personal Support Goal (PSG).  Please consider filling this need.

We will be continuing to visit churches, small groups, and individuals to share more specifically about our upcoming ministry in Thailand.  If you would like to hear more, consider inviting us to share with you and your church or small group.

Are there any security concerns?

As far as our personal safety goes, no.  But we will need to be more guarded in what we share online and through emails because the nature of the work Kyle will be involved in.

What is the major belief system in that part of the world?

Thailand is 98.3% Buddhist. In neighboring country like Myanmar, 89% of the population practice Buddhism and in Laos it is 67% according to the World Atlas.

What can we be praying for?

Continued wisdom for us as parents and global servants as we navigate travel, speaking schedules, trainings, and big decisions in the next 6 months.

New sustaining supporters who want to participate in the global work of advancing God’s Kingdom on Earth as it is above.