Biennial Mission Summit 2023

International Ministries is proud to sponsor the 2023 Biennial Mission Summit.

Connect with more than 30 global servants when you visit the IM booth (#402) in the exhibit hall.  We will have comfy couches and chairs, popcorn and a place to recharge your devices.

Wondering who you can meet?

Mylinda Baits – Global Consultant for Training Through Restorative Arts

Lauran Bethell – Global Consultant for Abolishing Global Slavery

Barb & Dwight Bolick – Chile

Carlos Bonilla & Mayra Giovanetti – Regional Consultants based in Colombia

Deliris Carrión Joseph & Moise Joseph – Mexico

Ann & Bill Clemmer – Regional Consultants based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Kristy Engel – Global Consultant for Health Care

Waleska Febres – Colombia

Madeline Flores-López – Dominican Republic

Mercy González-Barnes – Regional Consultant based in Mexico

Jon Good – Hungary

Anita & Rick Gutierrez – South Africa

Carmella Jones – Hungary

Nora & Pieter Kalkman – Czech Republic

Christy Lafferty – Nicaragua

Tim Long – Mexico

Sarah McCurdy – Regional Coordinator based in Mexico

Ketly Pierre – Dominican Republic

Marlene Po – Southeast Asia

Rodney Ragwan – Global Consultant for Theological Education

David Reed – Global Coordinator for Spiritual Care

Toya Richards – South Africa

Brian & Lynnette Smith – Dominican Republic

Jae Stockton – Mexico

Jeanine & Walt White – Global Consultants for Leadership Development


Friday, June 23 at 7:30pm – Worshipful Work 

Be sure to watch our lively “Did You Know” presentation on the Biennial stage at the start of the evening gathering.  All of the global servants and their children, members of the IM board of directors and IM office personnel will be involved.  This interactive report is about what’s been happening in global mission since the last Biennial and the future of where God is leading.

Saturday, June 24 at 10:30am – Workshop

Global Servants, Rev. Mercedes González Barnes and Rev. Dr. Timothy Long, will lead a workshop called “Times Are Changing: What About Theological Education”.   We all know that the world had changed dramatically in recent decades, and the equipping of pastoral leaders in the international context is not the same as 40 or even 20 years ago.  How is International Ministries responding to new challenges?  How are we preparing leaders for a quickly-changing world?  Are there key factors that can guide our planning?  Are church educators prepared to speak to the big issues?  Mercy and Tim will draw on their experience and that of the workshop participants to better understand who we are, and what we are about as 21st century disciples of Jesus Christ.  This subject will be presented in Spanish and English.

Saturday, June 24 at Noon – IM Luncheon 

The theme of the IM luncheon is “God Makes Everything Beautiful in Its Time” and will include stories from global servants Kristy Engel, Anita & Rick Gutierrez, Carlos Bonilla & Mayra Giovanetti, David Reed, Nora & Pieter Kalkman, and Jon Good.  Musicians Jady Davila and Esteban Ojeda will provide leadership for congregational singing in Spanish and English.  The menu will feature the national dish of Puerto Rico – pastelón. Tickets are $26 and a few will still be available at the registration desk.

To discover more about the Biennial Mission Summit, go to the ABC webpage.  You can see the schedule of sessions, read about the speakers, and find out how you can participate as a virtual attendees.