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Lebanon is going through some severe political and financial upheavals. There are uprisings every day against the banking industry and the corrupt politicians. Dan and I (Sarah) feel safe and are able to continue our ministries unhindered.


Elma and I (Sarah) had been praying for a volunteer with some medical skills and who would be a good addition to our Insaaf team. God has sent us a qualified nurse, named Alina. She is from Romania and has been a global servant in the Philippines for 12 years and speaks Tagalog. Not only is she helping with medical clinics by taking blood pressure and blood sugar at the Insaaf Center, but also has volunteered to do the devotionals every Friday at our staff meetings! I see this as a blessing from God. It’s my prayer that she will gradually become a part of the Insaaf Team.


Resurrection Church of Beirut started a medical clinic very close to our Insaaf Center a year ago. The Migrant Domestic Workers are receiving excellent medical care at a very low price. We are pleased with the service that the MDWs are receiving at this clinic. Insaaf was able to help approximately 55 MDWs with some medical aid this quarter.


On January 30th we took about 40 MDWs on a picnic to the snow. We had wonderful weather and we were able to enjoy our time at one of the beautiful ski resorts in Lebanon. We spent our time playing in the snow, eating food from different countries, and taking lots of pictures and selfies. For some of the MDWs, this was their first-time seeing snow.


For the past few months we had been following the ministry of a young Punjabi Sikh man from India. He changed his Sikh name to a Biblical name, Joshua. He has been conducting Bible studies and worship on Sundays. The group meets for their Bible Study at the Insaaf Center from 10:30 to 11:30 every Sunday morning. Afterwards, they go down one floor to the Sri Lankan Church to worship after that group is done. Pastor Chaminda of the Sri Lankan Church, whom we have been supporting, has been mentoring Joshua. Sarah and I were invited for New Year’s joint worship service between Sinhala and the Punjabi Indian. It was amazing to see at least twenty Punjabis gathered at the service. The worship was very inspiring! This would be the first Indian Sikh/Hindu congregation in Lebanon. Joshua, in many ways, surprised us with his dedication and passion for the Gospel outreach for the largely Punjabi/ Nepali/ Hindi speaking Migrant Workers. The majority of them are men, the women tend to be from Nepal. Dan is thinking and praying how to foster this first Indian, largely Sikh, congregation.


Dan spends a lot of his time writing to individual donors and churches, and organizing SKYPE calls in order to raise funds for Enduring Love. His ministry has established a “beachhead” into seven Arab countries, and he is conducting discussions with International Ministries on how best to move this forward in the years ahead. He is currently working on preparing the documentation for the Governance of the Organization and preparing the groundwork for the new director who will assume responsibility after Dan leaves. 


Dan is excited and immensely grateful to God for the response of the individuals and Churches for their support and partnership with Enduring Love. Most recently, Darfuri’s of Sudan have been responding to the invitation in an amazing way. Dan prepared and submitted a proposal to a foundation. He just received the word that the proposal has been approved! Another forgotten corner of the world is receiving the light of the Gospel.


International Ministries, also known as the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society, works cross-culturally to invite people to become disciples of Jesus Christ and to proclaim, through both word and deed, God’s reign of justice, peace and abundant life for all creation.

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