Posted on July 9, 2017 Before and Now – Stories Moving Forward

A last minute confirmed date of a graduation being held at Dali University, Yunnan, China, changed my international travel plans. In that new travel plan – to Nepal to China and back to Nepal – three “Before and Now” stories remain vividly in my mind.

The first story – Sonu*: On May 5th, I received word that the graduation date in China was set for June 15th. Sonu, a daughter of a Nepali domestic worker and an unskilled government worker, completed her education at Dali University and would be graduating with her MBBS degree. And so, honoring the memory of my mother who loved this family, I chose to add China to my Nepal trip for this very exciting day!


BEFORE: she was a scared young woman who had never left Kathmandu Valley, flew alone to Dali University in Yunnan, China, studied for her MBBS degree and graduated 12th in her class of 150 international students, became fluent in Mandarin Chinese being a superb tour guide during my days there.


NOW: she is qualified to take her Medical License Exam in Nepal on Friday, August 4th to become a doctor in Nepal, fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a doctor and helping her country.


The second story – Village Reconstruction


A Homeless Couple**

BEFORE: The landless, homeless man, who is 80 years old, and his wife, 76, have had to live near the village river under one bundle of four corrugated galvanized iron sheets as their temporary shelter.


NOW: Even though the government has very slow in giving money allocated to those whose homes were destroyed, this couple will soon have a place to live: the land – given by the local government, and a simple house – 19 feet by 14 feet – made possible by the Nepal Earthquake Relief Funds.


A Waterless Village

BEFORE: Villagers had to walk nearly 2 hours to get to their water source. Then they had to wait their turn in line.


NOW: This community raised a partial amount of money needed for the building of a collecting tank for water near their village community, which has been supplemented by Nepal Earthquake Relief Funds. Water is now pumped up to the top of their mountain village – something the villagers have NEVER experienced before!


The third story – Lamjung District Community Hospital (LDCH)


A Hospital without Enough Water

BEFORE: The hospital’s water needs are 5000 liters daily for the management of each day’s functions of the hospital. During the hot dry months, there is a significant water shortage to the community, hospital included. The hospital was only receiving 2000 liters daily causing a major crisis to the proper functioning of the hospital.


NOW: Nepal Earthquake Relief Funds helped to provide a permanent water supply with a connection designated only for LDCH from themain community water source to the hospital reservoir tank.


A Hospital with Damaged Staff Housing

BEFORE: Earthquake damage to the staff housing made the housing unsafe for its staff.


NOW: There were important meetings with the executive leaders to discuss plans for the reconstruction of staff housing at LDCH. It is so much easier to talk about these very complicated decisions face-to-face, instead of via emails. There in Besishahar is the hospital where Bucky and I lived for 13 months, about 7 years ago! My friends lived in this old staff housing. It is still damaged two years later after the earthquakes in 2015. NOW I understand more clearly the need for new housing. Lots of decisions to be made about this project moving forward.


Your faithful prayers and financial support helped to Move Forward these Before Stories to a strong, realistic Now Story.


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