Posted on September 11, 2022 Beauty for Ashes
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“How does your faith play out in what you do?”

“Have you ever experienced moments of discouragement?”

“What is the cost of saying ‘Yes’ to the Lord?”

I recently had the pleasure of being a featured guest on my friend Chinwendu Ibe’s podcast Alabaster Oil Conversations.  Chinwendu lives in Boston, and is an architect and interior designer by profession.  She is also a worship minister and a motivational speaker.  During our interview, she asked many insightful questions that invited me to go deep as I talked about my journey and calling.  How would you have answered the questions above?  To hear my thoughts on these and other questions, you can click on the link below to listen to the 32-minute podcast on Spotify:

My interview is Episode 14. Feel free to also listen to other episodes to receive a blessing from Chinwendu as she boldly preaches messages of grace from God’s Word.