Posted on November 26, 2023 Around the Table
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Celebrating around the table of food and fellowship is a favorite activity for the English Bible in Debrecen. Each week, one of the members of the study volunteers to bring food from their home culture. You can imagine that with over twenty countries represented, there is always something new to try. Just like in the early church, the giving and sharing of these meals helps to build deep community in Christ.

On one Monday night, someone had found fresh cilantro at the store. This was highly unusual, so we decided to make fresh guacamole and salsa, and to serve tacos. For many people in our community, this was their first experience with Mexican food. There was a young man there that night who enjoyed the tacos so much that he was eating his sixth taco. He wanted to express his gratitude so he came to us with that unmistakable food coma look in his eyes and joyfully exclaimed, “God bless the Mexicans!”

We believe the joy he expressed is connected to the deeper joy and hope found only in Christian community. As we gather around our tables in this season of gratitude and thankfulness, we pray that your deepest joy is also found in Jesus.  

Thank you for being our partners in the Gospel. By God’s grace, and through your ongoing prayer and financial support, the hope of Jesus is being shared in Hungary.