Posted on November 7, 2017 Are You Feeling Called to Volunteer?

Are you feeling a nudge to volunteer and be the hands of Christ?

Short-term missionaries are primarily serving in volunteer positions around the world with our global servants and IM partners.

Individuals and groups can be the hands and feet of Christ in over 70 countries where our global servants, our long-term/career missionaries, are serving. Responding to that nudge is the first step along the journey with the Short-Term Mission team. We are here to foster cross cultural engagements and faith formation through international service opportunities. We are here to facilitate the process from the “nudge” to “co-laboring” in a foreign country and beyond. Whether you serve for ten, 30 or 200 days or more, your hands will make a difference in many areas. You will be part of Faith Raising and God’s grace will abound. Your hearts will be transformed. God’s Kingdom will be brighter because you dare to feel the nudge, notice the marginalized, open your servant’s heart and say “Yes use me Lord.”

The Short-Term Mission team(STM) will help you navigate the planning, preparation, budget and logistics to make the service opportunity a success. We can offer cross cultural orientation sessions using a curriculum developed by Rev. Ann Borquist, IM missionary. There are many ministry opportunities available in several countries.  Check out Global Opportunities for the latest volunteer opportunities. If you don’t see anything that is really grabbing you, contact us at

Whether you are one person or 20+ individuals, coming from one congregation or multiple regions, there will be a few necessary steps to follow to register with STM, be matched with a service opportunity, and receive free travel accident insurance. Representing IM on the mission field means that a background check will need to take place, Medical clearance obtained by your physician and References will need to be checked before you depart. Contact STM as early in the process as you can. We want all the paperwork in place no later than 30 days before departure.

Next Steps:

Contact the STM team with your questions. We are delighted to accompany you along this beautiful journey of transformation. We will send you an Initial Questionnaire to complete. God is eager to send you. Are you ready?        We look forward to talking, walking and praying with you, as you prepare to journey further along with God. The ministry in action welcomes your compassionate hearts.

Call us at 610-768-2245 or send an inquiry email to