Posted on May 6, 2024 April 2024 Update
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Larry and I were asked by the American Baptist Historical Society to include current economic data in our journal posts, so starting this month, we’re planning to track the prices of basic commodities. We hope you find it interesting!

After Easter Larry traveled to Serbia. He has been introduced to a young family with EIGHT children; he helped them buy a washing machine and a set of dining chairs. He met with Monika and Alex, the young man who had the heart surgery several years ago. Alex often accompanies Larry as a translator, and they are smiling so beautifully because Alex just prayed with them for the first time!

Because of your generous donations to our work account, Larry was able once again to partner with Zoltán’s churches to provide vouchers to congregants and community members to buy supplies for their Easter celebrations. Thank you so much for continuing to engage with Larry’s work—you are making a difference!

I’ve been teaching as usual. In April we start enrolling kids for next year, and our bilingual program seems to be as popular as ever. Please pray for our school leaders as they choose which kids can come—we only have 30 spots for over 60 applicants!

We also have open house days, where parents are welcome to attend lessons to see what happens in their child’s school day. I was honored to have a large crowd visit my first and second grade classes. Most of the parents aren’t fluent in  English so they were watching in amazement as their little ones chattered and played with me. Then the tables turned; Brandy invited us to visit her lessons as parents! I felt equally baffled that she and her classmates know both languages so well. It was a good reminder of how much they have learned. I also got hit in the head during dodgeball!

Ruth is giving english lessons at the Téglás library. Every high schooler must complete 50 hours of community service, and the library agreed to let her give free lessons every other Saturday. Adults and children are welcome, and she’s really been enjoying herself.

You can’t see it in the photo, but my spleen is growing—that’s the Hungarian way of saying I’m so proud, I’m busting my buttons!

Maggie is preparing for her eighth-grade graduation. She’s been taking exams and going for interviews and school visits. The transition to high school is a rigorous process here in Hungary! Please continue to cover her and her classmates, our 3rd group of fully bilingual students, as they “walk onward” as they say in Hungarian.

Just last week she got accepted to Veritas Academy in Budapest! Oh, my spleen!!

As we enter May, we look forward with excitement to the online World Mission Conference. We will host a watch party at the school in Téglás, inviting our partners with Hungarian Baptist Aid and my teaching colleagues to celebrate 210 years of international missions with us. IM will be using an AI program that will translate to Hungarian in real time. That will be interesting! It’s also fun that Anita Gutierrez is one of the presenters; her parents are Hungarian!

As always, thank you for your support and care. We greatly appreciate you!