Posted on April 15, 2019 Annie and Jeff Dieselberg thank their donors!

Annie and Jeff Dieselberg, IM global servants, thank you for helping them to purchase the building in Bangkok, Thailand. Here is what they wrote:

We did it! Thanks to all of you! The financial goal of 11 million baht or around $355,000 to allow NightLight to purchase the building in Bangkok has been raised! We are grateful to every one of you who donated to enable us to reach this goal. We are especially grateful to the very generous donors who gave a matching grant of $100,000. That was matched by December 31, 2018 and the remainder of the goal was met by the end of February, 2019. Thanks to your generosity there is about $50,000 extra for the renovations. We have begun the process to purchase and transfer the deeds and hope to close April or early May of 2019.

It has been an exciting process to watch. The women and staff of NightLight have all been greatly encouraged and praising God as the funds have come in. When the announcement was made that the entire amount was raised, the women cheered! It is evident that when God is behind something and the timing is right, everything lines up to fulfill his plans. It is also an encouragement to keep moving forward in the work through all obstacles. We are eager to see all that God will do in the coming months and even years with this building purchase. Owning this building gives a sense of security and stability to the work of NightLight for years to come.

This building which has been used for the past 13 years for production, administration, spiritual development and fellowship is foundational to continuing the goal of providing dignifying and holistic employment to women who seek an alternative to the sex industry. More than 175 Thai women have already been employed in this space and have been able to see life transformation begin in this oasis. Purchasing this building enables these women to continue their journeys of healing and transformation and allows for many more to leave sexual exploitation and find new life. It is a place of joy and healing for the women as they create beautiful products to share with those who have supported their journeys.

Once remodeled, this space will also provide a new location for Song Sawang Church to meet and reach out to the community. Song Sawang has been meeting at an international church for over 10 years and is more than ready to have her own space to grow and thrive. The redlight area is just 5 minutes away and this location will make the church more accessible to those seeking to know and worship God in a safe environment.

All of us at International Ministries and NightLight are very grateful for the response to this need. We are encouraged by the faithful giving and praise God for each of you and the financial and prayer support that you have demonstrated.

From all of us at IM and NightLight,