Posted on February 9, 2023 Amity Foundation Responding to Turkey and Syria Earthquake

Amity Foundation responding to Turkey and Syria earthquake

Benjamin Chan

February 9, 2023


Ms. Hongyu She, Associate General Secretary of the Nanjing-based Amity Foundation, an international partner of IM informed International Ministries (IM) that “two of our colleagues, namely Mr. Yazhou Cui and Mr. Chao Zhang, both have worked with Amity for over 10 years and with rich experience in working physically in various relief work, have already arrived in Malatya Province,Türkiye this morning (February 9) Beijing time where they are working closely with local partners on the site to offer support after the on-the-venue rapid assessment… Amity is also working with ACT Alliance closely” to support the relief. Click to read more about Amity’s service:

Devastating Earthquakes Cause Massive Casualties

The People of Türkiye need Your Help!

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Türkiye and Syria on February 6, and the numbers of casualties continue to rise. Rescue work has proven difficult due to the continue aftershocks in the disaster area, as well as the extremely low temperature, frequent snowstorms, and the rubble of collapsed buildings. Hundreds of thousands of disaster survivors lost their loved ones and homes, waiting in grief for medicine, food, water, warm clothing and other emergency supplies.


[UPDATE 09/02/2023] Amity immediately launched an emergency response after the disaster, and our staff have arrived in the disaster area to work with our local partners to deliver humanitarian relief to the affected.


You can make a gift through International Ministries for Turkey/Syria Earthquake relief