Posted on September 7, 2022 American Baptist Foundation features 2021 IM Palmer Grant Awardee

American Baptist Foundation features 2021 IM Palmer Grant Awardee

Benjamin Chan

September 7, 2022

The Commission on Anti-Human Trafficking was formed as part of the Baptist Mission Summit Declaration in 2014. The core group leadership representing International Ministries’ (IM) partners in different regions of India coordinates churches to address human trafficking issues and conduct related trainings. They have received a Virginia and Gordon Palmer Jr. Trust Grant of $14,300 as they also raise funds locally to expand their work of “Prevention, Intervention and Rehabilitation in Human Trafficking.” The American Baptist Foundation (ABF) which manages the Grant features this work in the article of “Shining Like Stars” in its 2021 Annual Summary Report page 7 and 8. Click to read the report in Click to read the work of the Forum in Click to read the history and overwork of the India Mission Coordination Committee (IMCC) which coordinates five Commissions and Forum including the Commission on Anti-Human Trafficking in IM Global servant Taku and Katie Longkumer and I represent IM in the IMCC Leadership Committee.

The ABF article highlights that “through the American Baptist Foundation a grant from the Palmer Trust Fund has supported a new anti-human trafficking project that builds on IMCC’s previous work. It follows UN guidelines by addressing prevention, protection, prosecution, and partnership. In that way, it calls on congregational leaders to take an aggressive stance against trafficking while it seeks to help victims by working with them to realize the love of God. This is being accomplished through prayer, education, and relationship-building. To heighten the understanding of the trafficking problem, awareness programs and rallies are held at the community level. They even provide basic information on how to obtain legal assistance in cases of trafficking. IMCC is also developing a partnership with community FM radio channels and Air Bangla under All India Radio. A series of programs are particularly aimed at frontline workers like those who serve in healthcare and education…”

Mrs. Soma Chakraborty, one of IMCC Associate Directors, and the Coordinator of the Commission on Anti-Human Trafficking expresses her thanks and shares, “It has been a great year with many exciting and forthcoming initiatives! I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to ABF and the Palmer Trust Grant for the timely and generous support. This Grant enables us to strengthen the networks that allow us to reach out to and educate vulnerable populations about the dangers of human trafficking. By God’s power and mercy, we can surely make our tomorrow free and safe from human trafficking with the support provided today.” At the invitation of IM Global Consultant Dr. Lauran Bethell (Click to read Lauran’s journal in, Mrs. Chakraborty will attend The International Christian Alliance on Prostitution Conference at Green Lake, Wisconsin on November 6-11, 2022.

Rev. Samaresh Nayak, IMCC Executive Director, added. “With growing economic disparity and lack of job opportunities increasing numbers of young women and men are deceived for better income and better life and often ending up being trafficked. We Christians are called to be keepers of our sisters and brothers. IMCC takes this task very seriously to prevent human trafficking.”