Posted on January 28, 2016 Alliance of Asian American Baptist Churches Leadership Conference

Only a water boy. Have you ever thought about the importance and impact of serving from a position of humility like that of a water boy on a sports team? Those were the thoughts of Yosh Nakagawa about the importance of humility and teamwork at the beginning of the January 7–9 meeting of the Alliance of Asian American Baptist Churches (AAABC). A group of 30 leaders from across the country gathered at Chinese Baptist Church and Japanese Baptist Church in Seattle, Washington, for the AAABC Leadership Conference representing American Baptist Home Missions and International Ministries, ABCUSA national leadership, regional ministries and local pastors.

The AAABC, previously known as the Asian Caucus, was originally created in the 1970s to act as a representative voice to the larger denomination on behalf of Asian American Churches, pastors and individuals. The Alliance continues this work, but it is also transitioning into an entity that will share in ministry, resourcing and fellowship in solidarity.

This meeting was a wonderful opportunity for leaders to meet together and take part in discernment and envisioning of future steps. They decided upon three focus areas for the next several years: next-generational leadership, women in ministry and pastoral skills development. Currently the Alliance supports several missionaries serving with International Ministries and looks to the future to expand on ministries and mission projects.