Posted on September 14, 2017 All the Things

My Friends,

It’s been a few months since my last journal update, and I thought I’d give you a summary version of all the things going on here.
Travel: A lot of travel. Mostly within Thailand. Generally gone for 1-4 days at a time for conferences, meetings, or work-related activities. This week is unusual in that I’m sleeping in my own bed every night! Please pray that God will continue to keep me healthy as I take these short trips.
Campaigns: One of New Life Center’s unique skills is organizing and leading educational campaigns to prevent trafficking and raise awareness in rural villages. I had the pleasure of finally attending one of these campaigns, in a rural village in Burma (see pictures). It was great to see NLCF staff in action! There were around 200 villagers of all ages in attendance. I attended primarily to see what a campaign actually looks like, so that I can understand our work better. I’ll write another journal in the future to describe what a campaign is like!
Home: I moved to an apartment in the same city, and aside from a rampant rainy-season mold problem, I am very happy with it. I moved in order to be closer to town, and was hoping not to move again until I go to the U.S. for home assignment in 2019. With this mold issue — we’ll have to wait and see.
Support: I’ve lost a handful of financial supporters during this calendar year. I am so grateful for the time those donors were able to support me, and for those who continue to make the sacrifice that enables me to serve at New Life Center Foundation. Thank you all!
New Things: I’ve taken on a few new responsibilities, which are all appropriately challenging. I am very excited that NLCF has invited me to give a one-day seminar on personal finance early in 2018. NLCF staff and representative staff from key partner organizations will be invited to attend. Some of you know that teaching about stewardship, contentment, and budgeting is a unique passion of mine. Please start praying with me NOW as I prepare to give this seminar in Thai, and praise God with me, as we see God put this piece of God’s plan into action!
Heart Health: As of May 16, I am in my third year here. I still love my job, but have felt laid low during this season for many reasons. I am doing what I can to stay mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically healthy, but it’s definitely a low season. Your prayers, Facebook interactions, letters, Skype calls, and care packages make a difference.
Love to all,