Posted on January 31, 2021 All aboard: Disciples of the Way…

Acts and Love in Action: BGsEtAl 2020Dec2021Jan; Vol. XXI Num. 05; All aboard: Disciples of the Way…

The year 2020 will remain in history as the year of the COVID-19 global pandemic. So many things changed with it… While we grieve with the many who lost loved ones and pray for those ill, we rejoice in the LORD that amidst the pandemic, He made “all things work together for the good of (your BGs) who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8.28 CSB edited for emphasis). This 2021 hit the road running! We’d better catch y’all up or we’ll get caught up in its fast pace.

Why “all aboard”? Because in the quiet of our non-traveling ministry year we were able to consolidate, revamp, and reorganize our Mission Partnership Teams (MPTs) to enhance the growth of our support network in the USA and in Puerto Rico. We would like for you to know and get reacquainted with the volunteer global servants in our family’s team and feel free to reach out to them:

Our consolidated USA-based MPT has been with us since 2005 when it was first organized. (Top row L-R) Dick, Betty, Lee, and Cori have been with us from the beginning. Dan and Sue joined shortly after. Soon thereafter came Tracy, Jan, Yana, and Oscar. And, most recently, DuRhonda said yes to God’s call to join this venture of faith alongside her fellow MPTers. These siblings serve out of states of Indiana (6), Massachusetts (1), New Jersey (3), and Pennsylvania (1). We are grateful to other siblings that served in our US-based MPT, such as our most recently retired Pastor Mark Sorrels from ABC-Indiana/Kentucky. We are grateful to Jan Jackson who accepted the call to step into this regional role.

Our revamped, reorganized PR-based MPT started in 2010. (Right column top to bottom) Tali, Chili, Loyda, and Nelly are pioneers alongside Johnny (bottom center). This 2020 brought us beloved church siblings and youth to also serve in this journey! (Top row L-R) Berquis, Joey, Angelique, Ruth María, Ruth Noemí, Paola, Alejandro, and Rubén. They are all members of churches in Puerto Rico in Caguas, Canóvanas Carolina, Guayama, Metrópolis, Puerta de Tierra, and San Lorenzo. We are grateful to other siblings that served in our PR-based MPT, such as our most recent retired comm advocate Deborah Malavé from FBC Caguas, Puerto Rico. We are grateful to the communications’ team that accepted the call to step into this regional role (Alejandro, Paola, Ruth María, Ruth Noemí, and Rubén—ex-officio). We await reply from one more person to become the energizer for mission participation…

Why did we spend time reorganizing our MPTs during 2020? We are glad you asked… The LORD has expanded our responsibilities and has called others in a discipleship journey within our expanded assignment to continue serving Colombia as global servants while serving Iberoamerica and the Caribbean as regional consultants for discipleship. “Disciples of the Way” got started this month where we began 20 years ago!!!

We covet your prayers! We value your interaction through BGs Et Al (FB page and Instagram) and the BGs Et Al (FB group)! We are grateful for your ongoing financial support to keep us blessing so many through discipleship and global servanthood!

Stretching further toward the goal “with all aboard”,
your BGs Et Al

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