Posted on January 28, 2022 Aier Life and Work Documentary released

Aier Life and Work Documentary released

Benjamin Chan

January 28, 2022


Update: The video is available in YouTube as “On the Lord’s Work in East India” –

A documentary film on the Life and Work of Rev. Dr. K. Imotemjen Aier sponsored by International Ministries, and released by the Nagaland Baptist Church Council.


With great joy I am sharing with you that the International Ministries (IM) sponsored documentary film of Life and Work of Rev. Dr. Imotemjen Aier was released by the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC). The production company Highland Dawn Media Nagaland is making arrangement to broadcast the film via Good News Television India on GNTV satellite channel.

Dr. Aier is the former General Secretary of the Council of Baptist Churches in North East India. After Imo finished the service, IM invited him and his wife Arenla to tour around American Baptist churches and shared IM missions in India and internationally, as Imo was also the Vice President of the Baptist World Alliance. After the very successful mission education and promotion tour, IM invited Imo and Arenla to serve as special consultants to bring revival of partner Baptist churches in Bengal-Orissa-Bihar. Imo’s last and significant service with IM before his retirement is serving as IM India Power of Attorney. Imo led the India Property Team to handle significant numbers of property settlements. I have the privilege to serve with Imo and Arenla for almost 30 years. They are my mentors, close co-workers and I recommend you to watch the film when it is available.

At the film release ceremony on December 17, 2021, NBCC General Secretary, Rev. Dr. Zelhou Keyho thanked IM (better known as American Baptist Foreign Mission Society by the older generation) for bringing the gospel to Nagaland. “We all have a beginning and that beginning in the church history started with lots of sacrifices, dedication and commitment.’ He thanked and recognized American Baptist missionaries and early Naga Christians for “facing many persecutions, and going through untold misery and suffering yet they stood strong!” Expressing his delight with the presence of Imo and Arenla, Zelhou praised Imo as “a dedicated, committed and selfless worker standing strong through all challenges… not only a leader in the state and Northeast but also worked at the national and international levels.”


Click to watch “On The Lord’s Work in East India’ – A film on Rev Dr Imotemjen Aier launched”:

Picture: Imo and Arenla Aier and Mr. Wabang Moa, Director of Highland Dawn Media