Posted on January 5, 2023 ae journal – day 1
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It’s 4am here. While I’m up adjusting with jet lag, my family is sound asleep. The stillness of this moment is quite beautiful actually. I hear the whirring of the air conditioning, the tapping of rain on the window, the subtle sounds of the city streets, the light breathing from my baby boy and even the little mumbles of my sleep talker (not-so-little) girl.

The journey here was pretty heavy but we made it to our airbnb in Southeast Asia after about 24 hrs of traveling: said see you later to some of our best friends and my parents (that was really hard), overpacked (even though we packed and repacked several times), stroller + carseat, 2 kids with lots of emotions, first leg 10 hr flight, a quick layover at the Japan airport where we got some fun trinkets, then back on the plane for 5 more hours, arrived in the capital city, walking out of the cold a/c into a wall of thick heat as we got off the plane, immigration & customs, so blessed and got picked up by a mutual friend who dropped us off at our place, dropped our luggage on the floor and pretty much dropped straight to bed too! Whew … there’s a run-on sentence for you. Those of you who know me well can only imagine how I got in the “AE Hustle Mode” and expected everyone to function at my adrenaline driven pace.

and after all of that I’m sitting with Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10. When I was in high school, our choir teachers had us sing the song “Be Still.” I’ve clung onto that melody and lyrics during many seasons of life. Even considered getting a tattoo with those words. lol

Being still. (well journalling and reflecting)
and truly sitting in the Knowing that He is God – The One that led us every step of the way here. The One who has been moving in this place and called us to join His ministry. The One who is working in our lives individually and as a family.

We’ll be living in a different spot each week for the next few weeks until we arrive. We’ve got a lot of moving pieces with a plethora of emotions through this beginning of our overseas transition. Thank you for continuing to keep us in your prayers for our health and safety.