Posted on June 14, 2021 Adding Value Together
Matching Gift Campaign 2021
A June Opportunity to Add Value… Together!
Amazingly generous supporters of the work God does through IM have once again teamed up with my terrific friends and colleagues on IM’s Development Team to create a $320,000 matching fund to help me and all IM global servants  meet our Personalized Support Goals (PSGs)!

This fund is designed to multiply the value YOU add to the mission of Christ when you commit to make one year of monthly gifts to the support of my work as a global servant.  The series of 12 gifts needs to begin this month.

The simplest way to start is by clicking on this link to the Monthly Giving Match page.  Of course, you can also set up the series of recurring monthly gifts by picking up the phone and talking to my wonderful colleagues in IM’s Donor Services department (610-768-2323).  And for those who prefer paper and the mail, checks can be labeled Monthly Giving Match–Slade on the memo line and mailed to 1003 W. 9th Ave., King of Prussia, PA 19406.

There are rules to follow (since the matching funds were given only to double the impact of new regular monthly gifts to global servant support.  For more information about this Monthly Gift Matchopportunity to double the impact of your gifts, consult the Monthly Giving Match campaign page

Excited in Santo Domingo – May 2021

This photo is from the retreat for pastors and church leaders that I helped to lead in early May.  Leonardo is making a point about what he and the members of his table group have seen in Revelation 21-22.  Leo had been in my online course in the Gospel of Mark during March and April.  He is an experienced professor and church leader.  He was bursting with enthusiasm as he told me about the added value he received in my course:  “I was sharing with my own students at church the things we have been discovering in your course and everybody got excited about learning more!  I have now committed to walking with them through the entire Gospel of Mark!”  What a privilege it is to be used by God to add value to the ministries of dedicated women and men as they serve the Lord in their local contexts! 

I am very grateful to all of those whose prayers and gifts have made it possible for me to serve so many Leonardos around the world!  Please consider prayerfully the opportunity you have to join me in adding value to the global church in the mission of Jesus Christ through the Monthly Giving Match campaign this month!