Posted on October 23, 2014 About Our Kids
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As many of you know, our kids, Michelle and Melissa, are now University students!

Michelle is at Eastern University, PA, on her fourth and final year working on her Social Work (Major) and Psychology (Minor) degree. She will be graduating on May 9th, 2015.

We love Michelle’s passion for social justice, her compassion for the least of these, and her eagerness to contribute ending the world’s problems, just as any other great kid her age hopes! Recently, she made it to the front page of her school newsletter, as she participated in a “March to End Rape culture.” The school newspaper described, in few words, some of Michelle’s highest priorities in life at the moment, “Rape culture is a term used to describe a culture in which sexual violence is accepted as a part of everyday life. There are many different aspects of society that contribute to rape culture including victim blaming, rape jokes, keeping survivors in silence, racism, the use of bodies as sexual objects, the sexualization of violence, lack of education around consent, sexist media messages… the list is never ending.”

Melissa started this Fall at the University of California, Riverside. She is studying her first year of Environmental Engineering. We thought she was going to study Art, or related Major, as she has great drawing abilities. Nevertheless, her love for Nature and Ecology weighed heavier in her heart; she decided to study something more practical in hopes of making a difference on issues that threaten God’s beautiful creation.

Melissa shares Michelle’s compassion for justice and for the marginalized. It is amazing to see how their similar passions have led them into such distinct fields, yet we know that they are taking the gifts that God has given them to try to make the greatest impact on our world. We are so pleased that they understand that whatever profession they enter, their true vocation is to serve God. Of any accomplishments that we may have ever had, of anything we may have achieved, nothing compares to the joy we have had raising our daughters.

The past 22 years has gone by so suddenly. Before we realized it we have become “empty nesters.” Not having our kids around for the first time has been difficult. We miss them dearly. But I never before understood so clearly my Mom’s pride in quoting this Bible verse: “I have no joy greater than these things: that I may be hearing-of my children walking in the truth.” 3 John 1:4