Posted on October 31, 2017 A Year to Remember!
A Year to Remember!

I awakened this morning feeling relaxed and quiet though waking way before my alarm. Early morning Togo and the sun beams. My host family roof top terrace offers a breezy start to the day.

We celebrate the 1-Year Anniversary of this ministry being on the ground and what a year it’s been! Full of excitement, unexpected bends and beautiful gifts, many of which shared in journals, blogs and Facebook.

Humility and compassion have been ongoing themes looking back. I’m absolutely humbled having the opportunity to enter the lives of Ghanaian people and the girls liberated from the Trokosi shrines.

Being in Togo is one of those “unexpected bends” on the journey. Learning an African tribal language (Ewe) based on tones is both amazing and extremely challenging. For example one word like “to” can mean; ear, mountain, father-in-law or herb grinding mortar, simply on pronunciation/tone used.

Needless to say I’ve made a lot of mistakes! Like announcing to the motorcycle taxi “Afì!” instead of “Afí” which means the difference between shouting “Mouse” verses “Here” (as in here is my house)! The gift of laughter, even at your own expense, is still a good one. ?

Looking forward, be it His will, I’m hopeful of the girls of BVTC experiencing the warmth and sacrifice of so many around world through this ministry as we strive together to be His Light and Love!

*S.E.W. Project- Sowing Empowered Women-2018&Beyond. BVTC students utilize skills learned during Business Seminar and vocational training to design, create and sell products; window dressings, dresses, baked goods, skin care, etc in the community and abroad

*The healing through individual/group counseling and increased resources and opportunities birthed Ghana-ie; internships

*”Bring Yourself” Campaign -Short-term Mission Teams visit BVTC with the focus of fostering self-empowerment and sustainability by sharing of their skills, teaching mini- “how-to-do/make” student workshops, Train-the-Trainer, play/teach a sport, or share God’s gift of compassion in small group discussions or one-on-one  mentoring.

* Post-Graduation Initiative -follow up and monitor vocational skill utilization post-graduation, provide supportive counseling where needed and strengthen scholarship opportunities

Please join me in prayer about all these things. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Thank you EVERYONE for your care, support, and cards of encouragement over this past year!


“Miàga do go! Mawu le gbowò!” Until we meet again! God be with you!