Posted on December 18, 2021 A Sign of Hope
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A Sign of Hope

“The arrival of the McCurdys to the Baptist Seminary of Mexico in 2021, as missionaries sent by International Ministries, and in a context of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, is a sign of hope for our Seminary. They will contribute to the project of theological, pastoral and social advocacy education. The arrival of the McCurdy’s will increase the human resources in the Baptist Seminary of Mexico to develop the seminary programs more strongly. As well as be of great support to the promotion of our Seminary and in the service in different areas of missionary work.  The collaboration of the McCurdys with the Seminary is helping to visualize an encouraging immediate future. Their ministries, time, hands, and dreams will be important for our Seminary project not only to be maintained, but to grow for the benefit of the churches, evangelicals, and pastoral leaders. Thanks to the arrival of Sarah and Peter McCurdy, the Baptist Seminary of Mexico will continue the mission of the Kingdom of God in our country.”

                                                – Academic director of the Baptist Seminary in Mexico