Posted on July 30, 2020 A Milestone Step Towards Forming an all India Baptist Organization

A milestone step towards forming an all South Asian Baptist organization

Benjamin Chan

July 30, 2020

The idea of an all Indian Baptist organization was birthed during the preparation of the International Ministries (IM) sponsored Indian Baptist Summit in October 2019. Not only have non-IM related Baptist conventions taken part in the Summit, there was a strong desire to turn the all Indian Baptist organization dream into a reality – and if happens, the organization will represent more than 5 million members, and will be the largest Protestant organization in South Asia. The IM sponsored India Mission Coordination Committee (IMCC) has taken up the task. IMCC Executive Director Rev. Samaresh Nayak.

In a Baptist leaders meeting on July 24, 2020, 57 Baptist representatives representing 30 Baptist organizations in South Asia unanimously voted to form a national level Baptist body. A 7-member working committee of very well qualified leaders was formed to lead the follow-up work and IMCC Executive Director Rev. Nayak is the convener. I am especially pleased with the summary of their deliberations:

  1. The contemporary situation in our country requires all Baptist to come together as a family and a single national identity.
  2. The Indian Baptists today are financially strong enough to support itself for formation of such united body.
  3. The Holy Spirit is willing.
  4. The India Baptist body should be based on elements and issues common and relevant to all Baptists.
  5. The Pan India body must be exclusively for facilitating learning together, networking, sharing of resources and encouraging each other and its activities must be limited to agreed sphere of activities somewhat like common minimum program.
  6. As all Baptists have different elderly traditions and a unique history, All Baptist must agree not to disagree on such matters and respect each other as member of one family.
  7. The India Baptist body must focus only on Baptist Unity minus Mission works and acquiring of assets. (So that the new organization will focus on fellow, mutual empowerment, and mission cooperation whereas each convention can continue their ministries based on the church heritage and structure.)

Our Indian Baptist sisters and brothers are setting pace to a promising direction. We are writing and shaping history! May the Holy Spirit continue to guide them and protect them!