Posted on October 1, 2018 A GRReat Conference!
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Larry had the privilege of being invited to attend the Great Rivers Region Fall Conference this past weekend in Bloomington, Illinois. So, employing planes, trains and automobiles, he flew back to the States for a short week.

(The girls and I are fine, thank you, surviving on the delicious food Larry prepared and stocked the freezer with before he left!)

He said it was a great conference, very much like a family reunion. He reunited with dear friends and staunch supporters of our ministry from all across the Great Rivers Region.

Faithful supporters Jerry and Della Phillips

Many of these people have been with us from the very beginning, and they continue to pray and give and love us. We love them! Imagine, seven years ago, we didn’t know any of them–nor did we know our beloved friends across Liberia, Hungary and Serbia who they’ve sent us to love.

Brothers from other mothers from Highland–seriously, I feel like I’ve always known them!

How special that the Holy Spirit has given us these relationships, and allows us to return home often to rekindle our mutual interest in serving Him!

My sister, Julie Romanowski

Without these people, we could not promise five more years of service to the schools in Hungary. Without them, we couldn’t tell our partners serving the refugees in border camps, “We’ll be back, with reinforcements.”

Phyllis Troyer

I could talk to Phyllis for hours! Maybe it’s good I wasn’t there–we would’ve talked through the whole conference!

Pat and Joan

Larry said the conference was really good. Great speakers, including our own Sharon Koh, revitalized our Region!

IM Executive Director Sharon Koh

Other speakers included Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne. Both challenged the attendees to love the unlovable, with the Spirit’s assistance.

Tony Campolo

Thank you for your love and interest. Please pray for the churches of the Great Rivers Region, so that we continue to, as Executive Minister Paul Gibson says, “Let it flow!!”