Posted on March 31, 2018 A Fresh Beginning, Indeed!
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“The faithful love of the Lord never ends!  His mercies never cease.

Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning.”

Lamentation 3:22-23

Greetings and Happy Spring!

On resurrection Sunday we reflect on what Jesus did on the cross for us, He sacrificed His own life to give us a fresh beginning.  With His love, He selflessly bore the weight of the world on His shoulder; by His precious blood, He wiped away our sins, transgressions, and iniquities.  I thought about my own life. God never gets tired of me!  I always get a second chance.  No matter what, everyday His grace and mercy await me.  I know, I don’t deserve this; but because He loves me and that’s His nature, each morning is a fresh beginning from my Lord.  As I reflected on the love of Jesus, I realized that on April 3rd, it would be a year since I was endorsed as a Global Servant/Missionary with International Ministries.  When Rev. Jim Bell (Associate Exec. Director for Global Mission) told me I was accepted and endorsed as a Global Servant, I praised God and was overjoyed.  God had answered another prayer and fulfilled another dream in my life.  This reminded me of the day I was at MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station), I signed the dotted line and stood by the American flag; I was sworn in to become a Soldier in the Army.  However, this time I will be commission as a Soldier of the most High King, Jesus Christ!  Another fresh beginning indeed!  God is good!!

This past year has been so busy between School, Family, Travels, and Trainings/Preparations to get into the mission field. In the midst of all, I can see God shaping me and molding me to become the person He wants me to be. I’m grateful; God’s not done with me!  🙂

Looking back…

Before I was even endorsed, God was opening doors of opportunity for me in mission work.  After I attended the “Hear the Call” Retreat in Rhode Island back in October of 2015, I went to Mexico City a few months later.  Our first cohort for the MTS (Masters of Theological Studies) in Latino/a Online Program (through Palmer Theological Seminary at Eastern University) were in their first year Residency.  MTS is a brand-new Mission of International Ministries started in the Fall Semester of 2016.  Before the week of the Residency in Mexico City was over, Rev. Dr. Adalia Gutierrez Lee, founder of the MTS Program and International Ministries Area Director for Iberoamerica and the Caribbean, suggested I join the Masters Program.  God is good!  I was accepted!  I joined the first cohort in the United States (We are the second cohort after Mexico City, Mexico).


For Your Update…

The mission is growing!!  Praise God!  Mexico City cohort and US cohort started in the Fall Semester of 2016.  Next the Mexicali cohort started in the Spring of 2017.  The program was offered in Brazil in the Fall Semester of 2017.  Another cohort in Bolivia and our second cohort in the US started this Spring Semester 2018.  So far we have a total of 6 cohorts! God is good!!


Since I was endorsed last year, I’ve been speaking in Churches, Conferences, and Retreats sharing about my mission in Mexico.  I am inviting people to partner with me on this new journey I am embarking on. God is good!  I’ve been truly blessed; God has placed wonderful people in my life to run this race with me, I’m not alone going into the battlefield for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who are supporting me in prayers and financially.  I cannot do this mission without you.  THANK YOU!!

More Travels…

Next month (April), I will be in Idaho and will speak at the ABWM (American Baptist Women Ministry) Rally and at Dubois Community Baptist Church. I will also be at our Big Sky Area Conference in Great Falls, MT at the last weekend of April.

In May, I will be driving back to the East Coast for graduation.  I am so excited.  The Mexico City Cohorts and US Cohorts are almost to the finish line! 🙂  Praise God!  I am so blessed to have the privilege to join our first graduating class for this Mission. God is good!!

In June, I will be at Green Lake, WI to attend the World Mission Conference hosted by International Ministries.

Prayer Request…

Please keep me in your prayers for safety as I travel and for focusing with the most important things.  Sometimes it’s so hard to study while I’m on the road traveling or I get distracted with stuff that is not so important.  And please pray for God’s provision for my ministry in Mexico.  As of right now I am on 18% with my monthly PSG (Personalized Support Goal) of 100% goal.  As I always say, “God Provides,” I think that’s my motto in life; why worry, God always provides! And He does.  Through people like you, who have a heart for mission and for the advancement of the Kingdom of God, together, we are accomplishing God’s great commission.  THANK YOU!!

Also, please pray for my spiritual strength as I go through this transition of my life.  No matter what, we all have something to bring unto the feet of Jesus.  This season is very special to me.  I love Easter!  Not only it’s SPRING TIME, it’s also a special time between Jesus and me.  I praise God for His love for us.  He gave up His only Son, Jesus to ransom us from our sins.  Jesus death on the cross means… Love, Hope, Grace, Mercy, Healing, Forgiveness and Redemption.  I pray this Easter as you reflect on the cross, you will be filled with God’s presence in every area of your life.


Happy Blessed Resurrection Day!

Yours in Christ,