Posted on November 5, 2019 8 Weeks of Demonstrations Barricades
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Dear Loved Ones,


Greeting. We are doing fine in spite of this lingering crisis.


 Barricades and burning tires continue in many cities around the country, but specially in the capital city. Tuesday one of  police stations in the city of Petit Goave was set on fire. Wednesday, all those in the medical field (doctors, nurses, technicians of all kinds) marched asking for a change in the country.  In some barricades you have to pay before they create a small opening to let you go.


Food has become very expansive for the common folks to afford. What common goods people use on everyday basis have become ridiculously very expansive.


Medicine is a luxury if one is lucky to find it. Many shelved in the pharmacies  are empty since the transport is limited.


The eye clinic: For almost a month now the eye clinic staff have not been able to go serve patients at the boarder city of Ouanaminthe. They fear the barricades on the road in spite the fact that the city of ouanaminthe is always calm with no troubles whatsoever. In Cap-Haitian the eye clinic is open every day with one or two nurses not showing up because the part of the city she or they are have been  blocked. I go there twice a week  during this troubled time.


Meeting the planes: I have been twice to the airport to meet the planes this week and have come back home with no trouble except enough  fatigue in my body. The road to Cap-Haitian has worsen to the unseen level from Limbe to almost pass the carrefour la Plaine du Nord.


The university is trying a new formula. This past week we have theology students on campus for a week of intensive classes. They have all to be on campus with limited movements outside of our campus. Next week we are going to have agronomy students. We are praying that news do not get out that we are studying to avoid the threats.


Fuel-continues to be a headache for everybody. Last Wednesday I spent the whole morning waiting for a delivery pick up to bring me two drums. Every time I called, the friend kept telling me “we are just around the corner and will be at your place in two or three minutes“. Those minutes turned to be the whole morning.   A new math system!


General observation-this almost 8 weeks  crisis now  has created mistrust on every body’s mind. You don’t know who to trust and who not to trust, what to say and not to say and to whom to say what. When on the road, you become suspicious of everybody even though they are also afraid of you.


Thank you for your supports, love and prayers. We deeply appreciate every gesture you have shown us.


May God continue to watch over your and to give you peace.


Prayers requests: Please let us be thinking of Brian, the son of Pap Fred & Mom Sharon Wear who has been diagnosed with cancer in his stomach and spine. Our Dennis Shewell who will be starting chemotherapy the first week of December.


In our beloved Haiti,


Nzunga & Kihomi