Posted on October 20, 2023 Common Phrases – Trout September Recap
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In the US we say, “Hi, how are you?” Here we say, “Kumusta Ka? Tumaba ka!”

We’re used to “Hold on a second.” or “Just a minute.” Here they say, “Please wait for a while.” … A while? How long is that? Anywhere from a minute to several minutes.

Salamat, Po. “Po” is added at the end of a greeting as a sign of respect to elders, people of authority, or to others helping.

One of the sayings here is “Ay, pasensia po. May nosebleed ako” which pretty much means – “You’re speaking a lot of English.” Those 10 days of travel had us saying “I’m getting a nosebleed” in reverse because we were definitely immersed in the national language during our conferences up north. It was such a good thing for us and pretty amazing how much more we understand compared to when we first landed!


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