Posted on August 4, 2021 troutPI Newsletter – Summer 2021
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This June, we so enjoyed our time of fellowship and sharing at the American Baptist Biennial celebration. During this week–long virtual event, we had the joy of meeting with other International Ministry Global Servants around the world. It was really such a blessing to hear how the Lord had called each of them, and to see the harvesting work that they are doing in their field countries. We were so encouraged by their stories of how they themselves took steps of faith and how the Lord was using their obedient hearts to make an impact in their communities. CLICK HERE for our ministry video that we were able to share with all those who attended the biennial.

It’s been about 1 month since we left for our summer trip – 3 weeks, 4 flights, 7 cities, 7 churches, and countless hours of spending time with family and friends, and making new ones along the way!  The meetings we had with churches during this time all went great!  We were encouraged that the leaders and committees at these churches could all see the work that God is endeavouring to do in Mindanao through our calling.   We know they are prayerfully considering partnering with us as they finalize and vote on their mission budgets for the upcoming year.

We’ve enjoyed how the Lord has continued to open doors and opportunities for us to share our testimony. Each time we get to tell our journey to others, we still sit back in awe of how He’s called us to serve in the Philippines. It makes us that much more excited and eager to hop on a plane to do ministry overseas.

Thank you to all of you who have joined us in taking a step of faith and obedience to His calling by supporting us through your generous gifts and prayers. We are truly so blessed to have you partner with us.