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Posted on January 6, 2024 2024: Wow you’re here already!
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2024: Wow you’re here already!

I saw a funny meme that made me laugh. And Oh, I enjoyed it so much that I have to share a couple of the New Year’s resolutions: “This year I want to be more like Jesus: Hang out with sinners… Tell stories that make people think… Be kind, loving and merciful … Take naps on boats.” I especially loved the last one. The light motion of the sea would definitely lull me to a deep slumber. I mean, seriously … Aaron and I even joked how we wished our most recent earthquake lasted a bit longer to rock us back to sleep! How many times have we set our goals to keep ourselves busy? To make a new and improved version of ourselves to make up for our “shortcomings” from the last year? I know that I have made both unattainable and attainable goals. To be honest, I met a lot of goals in the past because I’ve been known to be a busybody. But I let my pride rule my heart in those things one too many times. And the ones I didn’t check off my list, I probably was just too lazy or tempted by something else that I thought could give me credit. Don’t get me wrong. I definitely prayed to the Lord about those desires and I look back and recognize just how much the Lord was gracious and merciful in His dealings with me. Can you relate?

As we start this new year, let’s take a different stance on our resolutions and see how we can really “Seek First the Kingdom of God.” How would that impact what decisions we make, the people we invest time in, the activities we prioritize, and the way we care for ourselves?

If you have a moment, take time to read Matthew 6 and send us an email! Would love to hear what the Lord pressed on your heart for 2024. -ae