Posted on April 5, 2024 2024.3 Trout Newsletter
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Hi Friends and Family! Trying out a new look for our newsletter 🙂 Please check your emails for our full March Newsletter with links to a recent video that we made with a summarized update and canva link view.
A couple more prayer requests:
Am has her 3rd quarter exams. Whew! Some of the prep is tough esp the Filipino and AP classes. We are so thankful that one of her youth leaders is tutoring her.
Aaron and I are wrapping up our last month of formal language learning. Pray for a good language helper for Aaron. Amy has no problem chitchatting her Halo-Halo dialects with her new language helper Raina* but definitely also needs practicing on grammar and vocabulary.
Amos is making lots of car and dinosaur sounds … and likes throwing things … testing his strength and gravity! Lol