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Beloved friends and ministry partners,

Greetings in the name of our sweet Lord Jesus from the beautiful State of Montana!

Yes, that’s right; I’m back in the United States, I’m home.

It is the Thanksgiving season.  Here in the United States, Thanksgiving is a huge event that everyone celebrates.  As a believer in God, every day is “Thanksgiving”.  My heart is full of thanksgiving as I see God’s hand in my life.  In my October’s newsletter, I mentioned that I had many mixed emotions about being in Mexico (Read Previous Newsletter).  Now, I’m home for a while and I still feel conflicted in some ways about that.

Last month, a few days after my first session final in language school, I heard from my parents that my gramma was sick.  They had taken her to the ER (Emergency Room) twice within one week. She was examined, diagnosed with Covid-19, given medications and sent home.  The third time she went to the ER, and my mom told the doctor she thought my grandmother should be admitted because she was not getting better, and she was admitted then.  During that time, I was in contact with the hospital.  After she was in the hospital for five days, the doctor called me and was asking me some difficult questions. Decisions had to be made, decisions that I must discuss with my dad. I felt that I couldn’t discuss it with him over the phone.  The decision is now concerned with a “life and death” situation.  I called Adalia, my area director and explained to her the situation.  Without even asking, she suggested that I must go home.  My school director approved my request to go.  I did not know what awaited me at home and the current school session was just beginning.  My school director approved my start of next session after the holiday, which would start back on January 3rd.

I came home on Thursday, October 28th, my gramma passed away four days later, on November 1st.  As I had mentioned in the beginning of this letter, I had mixed emotions because first, I was sad that I would miss my schooling because I was so focused.  I didn’t want to break.  The language school has been hard for me and finally I was getting it. Unfortunately, I had to break the momentum.  At the same time, I have been full of gladness and praising God that He allowed me to be home and spent those four days with my gramma.  My flight got in at past midnight and I was in the hospital the next day, first thing in the morning and never left her side until after her passing.  I am also full of gladness because I heard of quite a few people whose loved ones had Covid and passed away, alone in the hospital.  However, the hospital allowed us (my parents and I) to be with my gramma.  During those four days, I read Scriptures to her, sang to her, played instrumental praise and worship songs, told her stories about Mexico and my schooling.  She didn’t respond very much, but when I would ask her to squeeze my hand if she heard me, she would squeeze my hand.  I was very sad the whole time seeing my gramma having a hard time breathing. Waiting was totally heart breaking, so you would not think I feel joy, but I was given the chance to spend those few days to love on her and minister to her.  I will always be grateful for that.

The funeral service was scheduled a week later.  By that time, I already had missed almost three weeks of language school.  Someone, who I respect and admire, asked me, “Why are you staying throughout the holidays and not going back to Mexico to catch up with your schooling?  Why didn’t you leave after the funeral?”  And an added comment “Staying home for two months looks very deceiving and it don’t look good.”  First, language school is not easy (for me).  My response was, I already missed three weeks of class, it would be hard to catch up.  I was already approved by my area director and the school director to come back and jump back in for the next school session which will start after the holidays (January 3rd).  Second, wouldn’t be okay if I stayed with my parents to grieve with them for the next few weeks?  I have permission to spend the holidays with them.  I was hurt and I have struggled with that question I was asked. But I am led to try to set aside that struggle and stay in the present… and that will be, grieving with my family and loving on them.  I’ve been helping my parents with the legal stuff that my gramma left behind. I will help my parents with whatever needs to be done here at home and I will try to enjoy the holidays with them.

Thanksgiving… It says on 1 Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstances…” When a situation is very difficult to bear, are you still able to say “Thanks” for that situation?  When people don’t understand what’s happening in your life because they have their own opinion, can you still say “Thanks” to that person?  I’m sure it’s hard to say thanks in ALL circumstances, but it’s what God wants us to do, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ.” (1 Thess. 5:18).  It’s not a suggestion, it’s a command from God.  I would say, yes; I can still say “thanks” because I am choosing to look on the bright side.  The person or people who question my actions, love and care for me.  Most of all, I will lift up my struggle to the ONE that is bigger than my drama and I will give thanks to God in ALL my circumstances and let HIM take care of the rest.  I will celebrate Thanksgiving Day and enjoy a delicious turkey dinner, yummy desserts and being with my mom and dad… and my Doggy-Dori.

I would like to “thank” those of you who were praying and supporting me during these difficult times.  To my IM (International Ministry) family, my MPT (Mission Partnership Team), my Ministry Partners, my family and friends, near and far, who walked closely with me during this difficult time, thank you so much for everything.  Thank you for your continued prayers for my family.

To all my ministry partners, thank you so much for your continued prayers and financial support.  Thank you for believing in my calling and for being an instrument to send me to the mission field.  Through your sacrificial giving I am able to do God’s plan and He is being glorified.  Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel.  Also, thank you to those who had been sending me emails, texts, Facebook messages while I was in Mexico.  Thank you for your words of encouragement.  I truly enjoyed hearing from you.  My prayer for you is that God will abundantly bless you, heal you, and your Thanksgiving is blessed and joyful with your loved ones.

Happy Blessed Thanksgiving!

Yours in Christ,