Posted on April 30, 2021 2020-2021 Home Assignment during Pandemic

What a year 2020! Still on Home Assignment here in Puerto Rico. Had no traveling at all, still waiting for the situation of Covid to be more safe and secure.  I already have my vaccine (2 doses/Pfizer)! Maybe for late 2021, Sept/Oct/Nov. can do some traveling to visit churches in the US. Please help me pray for these possibilities.


I should be back to the Dominican Republic by the first week of July. No Short Missions Teams this year, they all were cancelled again because of the uncertainty with this pandemic situation. Hopefully for 2022 many teams are lined up to visit and serve with me in the Dom. Republic and Cuba. Please Pray for this.


While here in Puerto Rico I have had the opportunity of serving others thru “food boxes” for families in need. I have been serving families around my community and this has been not only a blessing for them, but to me also. I get to talk to the families, know their needs and how they are surviving this situation of pandemic. These boxes come with fruits, vegetables, yogurt, cheese, meat, milk, etc. It is a heavy box full of good things and I am grateful to do this and bless others. Doing this helps me understand a little the times we are living and how much the world needs Jesus. Please pray that God keeps providing for the needed ones and that He can use us for His glory.


Also, while here in Puerto Rico, I have had the opportunity of visiting churches and talk about the missions work that has been done for the past 19 years in the Dominican Republic. Some of these visits have been thru Zoom, Facebook Live or present. Many of our churches here in PR are back in the building with 30% capacity. Still no hugs, or handshake but just been able to see people you love, worship together is good and a secure step to normal. I still have a few more churches to visit in May and June. Please pray for this opportunity of preaching the Gospel and telling others what God is doing in the DR and Cuba.


My PSG (Personal Support Goal) is on 94% praised God! I started my Home Assignment year with 79% and I was very sad and worried for this. I prayed and God has surprised me with a 94% and counting…I still need to be in a 95% to go back to the DR. I know that before July I should be in 95% or more. Please help me pray for this. I know God will keep touching hearts of individuals and churches to commit with me and my ministry for the next year or more.


I can not wait to go back to the Dominican Republic and continue the work that God put in my hands in many areas like: education, VBS, construction, Medical Clinics, Evangelism, Water Filters, Learning Program “Aprendamos”, etc. It has been tough for them as a third world country to overcome this pandemic/Covid situation and all it has done. Many families are suffering in many ways due to this pandemic, no school, no jobs, food very expensive, etc. All this have affected the families, communities, churches, schools and I want to be able to help. I want to see the smile of children and families again, I want to let them know I am there for them and to help ease the pain and needs in any ways possible. I know I can not eliminate poverty, but I am certain that a little help can make a difference. Please help me pray for my return to the DR/Cuba and for the many plans, projects and dreams I have to serve and bless these countries.

I really appreciate your prayers, support and love for me and my ministry in the mission field. This next August it will be 19 years of being commissioned to the Dominican Republic. I celebrate with joy that the Lord has been with me all the way and the many roads still ahead. You are part of these 19 years and I thank God for you and pray that you may be blessed.


At His service,