Posted on March 27, 2020 Moise Joseph endorsed to serve in Tijuana, Mexico

Moise Joseph was endorsed by International Ministries (IM) March 1, 2020 for ministry alongside his wife Deliris Carrion-Joseph.

The couple will be serving among Haitian, Central American, and African migrants that have made their new home in Tijuana, Mexico.

Moise is a man with a mission. His ministry vision was not very clear, though, in the early years of his faith journey. He didn’t originally set out to join God in God’s mission but had plans to be a successful entrepreneur. His marriage to IM’s Global Servant Deliris Carrion-Joseph moved him toward mission, and attending IM’s Hear the Call conference added to his interest in the possibility of serving with IM.

He is the first to admit that his call to mission was not dramatic. Haitian-born, Moise did not come from a long line of missionaries. He did, though, understand the importance of it in 2010, when following the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, Moise responded by working as a volunteer with the Haitian Baptist Convention in Port Au Prince. There he worked as a translator, driver and group leader for the mission teams that arrived to rebuild and serve Haiti.

Deliris has served as an IM Global Servant since July 1998, first in El Salvador. After the Haiti earthquake in 2010, Deliris served as a volunteer coordinator, pastor, and occupational therapist in Haiti. That’s when she met Moise, and their vocation to serve brought them together. In 2016, she began serving at Deborah’s House in Tijuana to strengthen the local leadership of women, who now operate the shelter for women and children victims of family violence.

Moise has a high view of volunteerism and has volunteered alongside his wife at Deborah’s House and also in ministry with migrants in Tijuana. He has worked with local churches in providing temporary shelters for migrants and in organizing leadership workshops. He witnessed thousands of migrants from different countries, languages, religions and cultures that came to Tijuana. Moise believed that God gave him that opportunity to serve migrants. Little did he realize that God was preparing him to serve as a global servant. Deliris also recognized that God was beginning to reveal his will in Moise’s life as well as in their lives as a couple.

As Moise began to discern his call with IM, it became very apparent that God was indeed calling Moise to serve as a global servant.

“Moise is a compassionate man, and a caregiver” says Dr. Adalia Gutiérrez Lee, Area Director for Iberoamerica and the Caribbean: “I have no doubt that God is using Moise with all his gifts to serve among migrants in Tijuana for such a time as this.”

All of life must come under the power of the gospel – the spiritual and the social. IM’s unique holistic missiology will allow Moise to walk alongside our partners, Vision de Migrante and Baptist Churches of the Regional Baja Convention, serving in a way that will share the gospel and minister to social needs.

“His lived experience and understanding of the holistic nature of the gospel will contribute to his ministry in Tijuana, Mexico,” says Rev. Dr. Rodney Ragwan, IM’s director of mission mobilization.

IM welcomes its newest global servant, Moise Joseph. We look forward to discovering how God is going to use him and his wife, Deliris, in God’s mission as they begin raising personalized support for this new ministry together.