Posted on November 10, 2023 “The Bait” – October 2023 Recap Newsletter
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Many of you have heard the stories and seen some of our social media posts about what our family has been through in regards to our cars. While in the US, Amy’s bumped into 4 cars and invited their owners to FirstSF. They even attended church events and one of the car owners joined our Community Group for a bit. Aaron’s ‘87 BMW led to new friendships via a FB group and even when it broke down, it led to opportunities to invite mechanics into our home for meals, laughter and prayer.

The saga continues with our 1992 Pajero which has had many visits to local mechanics here in the Philippines. Yes … even in the few months that we’ve been here. We named the vehicle PJ but our Area Director suggested that we rename it “The Bait” as we’ve continued to meet more people and have more opportunities to share the love of Christ while asking for help from the locals. From the battery dying, to storm water pouring through the sunroof window, to overheating at the side of the highway (right after we drove up to a farm in the mountains) – we’ve been able to stop and pause multiple times. We’ve had the opportunity to share our testimony. We’ve had the joy of being blessed by others’ stories as well. We’re truly thankful how the Lord has provided new relationships, many chances for us to practice our language, and safety despite the bumps along the way.

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