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I arrived well in Guatemala!

July 31, 2017 Journal
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My dear Brothers and Sisters:

I arrived well in Guatemala!

Misael picked me up at the airport. He shared with me what Vitalino and Nora had already told me that the Ecumenical Council of Guatemala is in transition, and that they are eagerly awaiting my arrival. From the airport, I went directly to the offices of the Ecumenical Council of Guatemala. Vitalino Similox, Nora Coloma, Misael Méndez, Mayra Rodríguez, Mariita Marroquín and Ana Aceytuno welcomed me with love and with food.

After our meal, Sister Ana explained to me that in Mayan spirituality, May 15, the day of my arrival to Guatemala is Ajawkame - 11 energy. She explained to me that it is the day that develops the energy of the night into the light of the next day, the rebirth of a new life after death. And I loved it! This is how I see myself, starting something new, letting something old pass on, and moving ahead toward the radiating energy that illuminates promising paths.


Getting settled in Guatemala!

I already have an office at the headquarters of the Ecumenical Christian Council of Guatemala, and I rented my room,  brought my stuff (books), unpacked them, and there, little by little, I'm settling myself down, adjusting and getting along. I bought a bike to commute to the offices. Although, I enjoy the 37 minutes walk from my place to the office.

During the first weekend, I travelled by bus to Chimaltenango, an hour and a half way, to the house of Vitalino and Nora. I was treated to a delicious meal; Vitalino and Nora, their children, grandchildren, sister, and grandmother welcomed me as one of theirs. I went to my 1st Kachiquel Mayan language class at the Mayan University. I participated in the ordination of the Presbyterian Kachiquel Marvin, went to a Bachelor’s degree class, visited COPARTE, an artisan women’s group. Also, I accompanied Kachiquel teachers to a meeting with the Rector of the National University, in which they requested an accreditation agreement for their Mayan University. All these movements have been alongside Vitalino.


The team of the Christian Ecumenical Council of Guatemala is quite enthusiastic to be working with me and the others to launch up the Continental Christian Network for Peace. They see as a promise to life the union-fusion of the new plans of the youth, of the native peoples, and of the migrants all of whom are working with the Christian Continental Network for Peace. Together we are activating all the projects of the Continental Peace Network.


This is a short summary about my first steps in Guatemala.

You all take care, and let’s continue to be in touch.