International Ministries

Answered Prayers

December 9, 2003 Journal

For the last year we have been asking individuals and churches to pray for the unity of Baptist pastors and leaders in La Paz.Over Thanksgiving weekend the Southern Baja Baptist Convention held their annual meetings.We have received the following news from those days of fellowship:

A leader in El Mesias asked us if we might locate an accordion for him during our home assignment in the United States.Last week a woman called us wanting to donate an accordion specifically for missions.Wow God!

In October two volunteers, Bert & Deane Langdon, came to minister with the English Worship Congregation.They have a strong background in Christian Education.With the help of translators, they offered two workshops on leadership development for the convention and over 40 persons attended each time!

We were able to send more financial assistance to the convention in October towards the Theological School building program.This has enabled them continue work on the bathrooms.Last we heard the bathrooms are almost completed.

Theological classes have continued in our absence.The student body is small but faithful.God is rising up new leaders to supply all these thriving missions! Cristo Viene has been without a pastor for over two years.The convention has been rotating leadership for pulpit supply each week.This month a pastoral candidate is coming and the prayer is that Cristo Viene will soon have a new shepherd.

La Paz pastors October 2003

God is at work in La Paz!Your faithful prayers are being answered!We sent our annual report to the convention's meetings, telling them that we have spoken on their behalf in more than 50 churches and at 3 conferences thus far.Around 3700 believers have heard how God is at work in Baja California South!And this doesn't even count the 1000 people who heard their story at the World Mission Conference in August. The churches in La Paz are overwhelmed at your interest and love.And they also told us that they are praying for our return; they are looking forward to their continued partnership with the ABC churches.Jump up and shout people!You're making a difference in Mexico!