Posted on January 24, 2016 Preparing for Service

Gethsemane Bible School is a small school located on the Thailand-Burma border and right now has about 34 students studying there.

I would like to share about the student named Eh Htee as one of the students who was a student at the school. When she was younger, Eh Htee had Tuberculosis of the spine and accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour and Lord while she was admitted and stayed at the hospital before she went to Gethsemane Bible School. Eh Htee graduated last year in 2015 and she wants to continue another three years in Burma to become further equipped and to prepare to serve in her Karen village. A large need of the school is to have a library. As of right now they don’t have one, and Eh Htee wishes that she could have had a library that she could consult to help her be better equipped to serve.

I feel that having a library would help students like Eh Htee be better equipped for ministry when they return to their communities and families to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The attached pictures are of Eh Htee’s graduation and of some of the students at this school. If you feel led to help the school to gain a library, please give at the projects section of this website: