Posted on June 3, 2022 Intercommunity Peace Dialogues

Kingdom of Peace and Development (KOPAD), with support from International Ministries, facilitated intercommunity peace dialogues for ethnically diverse communities in the populated North Rift region in Kenya. The dialogues aimed to strengthen marginalized communities’ awareness and engagement, as well as enhance the resilience of rural communities with information on reconciliation, mediation and conflict resolution. This was done to promote peace at the grassroots level during the pre- and post-general election period in Kenya (the elections are scheduled for early August, 2022).

The awareness efforts focused on sharing good practices to allow for peaceful elections, tolerance and non-violent communication as well as to advance inclusivity in peace making processes. In this regard, our peace “sensitization” dialogues played an important overall role in creating awareness for the inclusion of a broad spectrum of voices who have traditionally been excluded from local, regional and national peace discussions, dialogue and reconciliation (such as women, youth and persons with disabilities).  KOPAD noted that their inclusion in the political peace process represents a fundamental step towards broader sustainable and durable peace and development from the grassroots to the national levels.

The dynamic of conflict in these areas spotlights a need to revive and empower the neighborhood peace platform known as Nyumba Kumi Peace policy. The revival and effective participation of Peace Committees is the traditional peace method with vast understanding of cultural and internal resources for peacemaking and conflict prevention at the grassroots level.

Last but not least, as we pray for peace and continue rejoicing for what God has done through peacemakers, we also continue praying and thanking God for sending laborers to His plentiful harvest land of peacemaking. While laborers sometimes get tired, it is very important and encouraging to note that a peacemaker laborer is a “blessed son or daughter of God” who shares His name and shares His mission of peacemaking found in Christ Jesus as the supreme Peacemaker. He came to establish peace; His message explained peace; His death purchased peace; and His resurrected presence enables peace through peacemakers known as sons and daughters of God.


Boaz Keibarak,

International Associate Global Servant