Posted on September 25, 2019 Friday Introductions – Ty Garrison
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Hi everyone! Welcome to #FridayIntroductions. I am Ty Garrison, an Environmental Consultant in Southern California. My sister, Corenne Smith, and brother-in-law, Philip, are my amazing family that lead Hope Unlimited with faithfulness, love, compassion and trust.

Growing up as pastors’ kids, Corenne and I began our lives as part of an extended church family. Mom and Dad were wonderful parents who lived by example, exhibiting faithfulness to Christ, loving and caring for His sheep. When Corenne married Philip and joined his vision and commitment to Hope, I knew it would be a strenuous and wonderful journey caring for all the children at Hope. I hear incredible stories of God’s work there. It’s hard for me to share them without being moved to tears.

I have visited Hope several times over the years. Among the most memorable were the Christmas visits. We gathered with kids who had NO families or relatives. Two hundred kids once in Campinas, a few dozen one year in Vitória. Shared meals, Santa visits and pizza outings were joyful, fun experiences.

Corenne and Philip are most “alive” and “at home” in Brazil. Watching them loving, caring and parenting all of their kids seems to come easily, but each one that is lost to the streets, or worse, never becomes easy. Spending time with the Smith family in the US is always an adventure. Airport arrivals at all hours, missed flights, quality niece and nephew time, last minute gatherings at our home for extended family (typically 20 or more friends). All times that I cherish and never regret.

My wife and I work with our church to support Hope at Christmas by raising funds to buy the new tennis shoes for each Hope resident. For these kids, this is typically the very first pair of new shoes, just their size, that they have ever received.

My other interests include wildlife photography and working on my ‘68 Ford Bronco and ’62 Ford Falcon. My favorite food is a great steak, and my favorite Bible verse is Gen. 1:26-28.