March 5, 2018 White Cross – Liberia Ricks Institute Meals
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GoalThe goal of this project is to feed students in K - 12 at the Rick Institute in Liberia.
SummaryThis White Cross project seek to raise $11,764 per year to provide meals for 120 students a day at the Ricks Institute.
DescriptionThe Ricks Institute has prevailed despite civil war, disease and upheaval. The staff is dedicated to providing a quality educational experience for children in K – 12 that focuses not on self, but serving others. Their ministry is open to girls and boys from all over Liberia and beyond. Ricks is a strong community and it’s a nationally recognized school with 41% of the school population as residential students. A majority of teachers and staff also live on campus. As a Christian school, Ricks dedication is embodied in their feeding program. Living out the call of Jesus to care for the poor and hungry, they live out their testimony by feeding children so they can reach their full potential. The program costs $11,764 per year, or $98 per student. For a year. That means the school is able to feed each child for less than 27 cents a day! All students are nurtured to become faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Campus life at Ricks Institute is a rich experience complete with daily and weekend activities as well as community service opportunities. Students participate in athletics and learn the responsible use of technology. This project will be managed by Dr. Olu Q. Menjay, Chief Administrative Officer of IM partner, Ricks Institute.
Suggested GiftsExample of what your gift could provide. $100 provides meals for 50 children for one week. $250 provides meals for 120 children for one week. $500 will buy meat and fish for 2 – 5 months.
Prayer RequestsPray that the Ricks Institute will be able to attract qualified, dedicated teachers. Pray for the health and safety of the school cooks who prepare meals on hazardous open flames.
Managed ByCharles Jones