November 13, 2020 Thailand – Kawthoolei Hope Theological Seminary
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Immigrants and Refugees Immigrants and Refugees
GoalThis project seeks to raise $3,922 annually in order to construct the Kawthoolei Hope Theological Seminary in Thailand.
SummaryThe goal of this project is to provide the first theological graduate school along the Thai-Myanmar border.
DescriptionAlthough the Kawthoolei Hope Theological Seminary was birthed in 2015, the school was homeless. As displaced persons along the border seek further study, they need a local campus that can provide affordable training at the graduate level for Pastors, Christian Educators, Directors of Youth and Women Ministries. Funding for this project will support the construction of buildings to house 5 classrooms, a chapel and restrooms, as well as a separate dining hall. These buildings will be outfitted with tables, chairs, a classroom projector, one laptop for the school office and three laptops for teachers. This project will promote affordable, graduate level theological education in a safe location, that will reduce the high cost of travel and living expenses, and utilize the trained Karen professors along the Thai-Myanmar border. Additional benefits include students and staff providing leadership at chapel services in nearby local elementary, middle and high schools. People living in the Thoo Mweh Khee village will be employed at the new campus, and the economic life of their village will improve as they work with students and staff to manage finances and buildings. The project total cost is $ 11,765 for three years, or $3,922 per year.
Suggested GiftsA gift of $500 will provide laptops for 2 students in need. A gift of $1,000 will provide 1 laptop for the seminary office and 3 laptops for teachers. A gift of $4,000 will provide tables & chairs, a pulpit in the chapel and a projector for 1 classroom. A gift of $5,000 cover the construction of either the classroom building or the kitchen & dining hall.
Prayer RequestsPray the project will improve the spiritual care and spiritual development of thousands of internally displaced persons along the Thai-Myanmar border. Pray that funding for this project will mean students no longer need to study at seminaries far from their families and homes.
Managed ByLeslie Turley