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March 11, 2009 Story


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For almost 200 years, American Baptist International Ministries has used magazines to tell the news of its work around the world. In 1818, then known as the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions, we issued our first magazine, a quarterly called The Later Day Luminary. That first issue had news and articles along with letters from Adoniram and Nancy (Ann) Judson, Luther Rice, William Carey, Isaac McCoy, John Mason Peck and others. Throughout the succeeding years, the magazine’s name changed and additional publications were issued.


Some 13 years ago, International Ministries began publishing the International Ministries Update (IMU). Little more than a sheet of paper folded in half, the IMU carried news from and about our missionaries as well as mission games and activities for children and youth. It was printed in black and white on glossy paper for easy reproduction in church bulletins and newsletters.


As it evolved, the IMU format changed. It became letter sized and then tabloid sized. It took on full color, bright and bold photography and longer features. But the IMU still served, like the Luminary and other publications before it, to tell of “the state and promising advance of Christian missions.”


The time has come again to change the method -- but not message -- of sharing how together we are participating in Jesus’ work in the world.


On Location is an entirely new publication. It is meant as a means to take a deeper look at the work of our missionaries and partners, as well as to summarize many lesser-known events and mission news. You can still expect well-written articles, attractive design and powerful photography. On Location invites you to come, grown, change … to experience our ministry together of crossing cultural boundaries to make disciples of Jesus Christ while meeting human needs.


Meanwhile, the trusted IMU is not dying -- but is being reborn electronically.


In the last year, IM has totally revamped its website . With a warm and inviting design, bold features and easy-to-follow menu bar, the website enables you to explore a host of articles and images of global mission. You can see individual missionary profile pages, find the most recent opportunities for long-term or volunteer missionary service, and discover the best way to invest your resources through online giving.


Here is where the International Ministries Update will live up to its name by being repackaged as a totally online publication. Each month, the IMU will be delivered right to your email inbox with a timely message from International Ministries and with links to the latest update news and articles found only on the web, current missionary journals, calls to prayer, notices of upcoming events and opportunities to serve around the world.


So as On Location begins to provide depth and diversity in print on a quarterly basis, the monthly online IMU will give you a one-click entrance into current mission news, information and opportunities.


Enjoy your exploration of mission On Location, and sign up now to receive your online International Ministries Update. In 1818 Luther Rice traveled five miles an hour on horseback to bring mission news to those who were eager to make a difference in the world. Today you can receive your mission news in seconds. Here’s how:   


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