International Ministries

Missing the Cherry Blossoms

March 16, 2005 Journal


Well, we're on our way back to the US--only one more week in Japan!  Things are slowing down for us here, as we're finishing up our preparations for our US/Puerto Rico Assignment.  The kids and I are attending closing ceremonies & going away parties at our respective schools this week and Kari is mostly enjoying but partially enduring a barrage of neighborhood moms, kids in tow, coming over to the senkyoshikan for brunches, lunches, afternoon teas and playtimes.  Everybody wants to say goodbye, of course!

Sadly, we'll be missing the famous cherry blossoms this year.  In Japan, cherry blossoms are both a sign of renewal (they're signs of spring) and a reminder of our fragility (their beauty lasts only a while).  We'll miss them this year in both senses of the word, "miss"--we'll physically not be here to catch sight of them, and we'll be sad about that!  Of course, this doesn't go just for the blossoms.  Over the last four years, we've grown close to many people here, and our kids have become at least half Japanese.  Along with life comes change.  They'll surely miss their school friends in the coming months, so continue to remember our family in your prayers...

Thanks to those of you who were keeping your eyes open for a car for us--a bit of good news is that we've found one, at long last. Another reminder that God always provides!

As we've said before, we're anxious to see so many of you, and we're truly thankful for the faithful prayers and support you've provided to us over the last four years.

Grace & Peace,

Dwight, Kari, Adam (9), Sarah (6), and Isaiah (1)