International Ministries


October 9, 2003 Journal


We hope you all are enjoying the fall!  To tell you the truth, this month, we're especially missing the earthy smell of corn and soybeans being combined out of Ohio fields, and the taste of pumpkin pie.  Pray for us that we don't get too homesick!We're smelling mostly car exhaust and seawater here in Yokohama, and I still have the taste of dinner's miso (i.e. fermented soybean paste) soup in my mouth....(now that should provoke some sympathy!)

It's World Mission Offering season once gain, and we'd like to thank all of you in our American Baptist Churches for the ways you've supported us this year. The hard facts are, though, that World Mission Offering alone has not provided even 65% of the funds needed annually to support the 150 missionaries we have serving around the world today.  Funds from IM endowments (the gifts of faithful supporters in the past!) have paid a large part of our expenses.  Given that harsh reality, we want to encourage you to faithfully and sacrificially support the World Mission Offering as best you can this year.

But back to missing the USA...  Two junior high students came up to me today and, after thanking me for Thursday's chapel message, one handed me a Snickers bar and the other gave me a Coke.  So I guess you can't feel too sorry for us--we may not have pumpkin pie over here, but we DO have Snickers and Coke:-)