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May 18, 2003 Journal

Just a quick note this month to update you on some Davidson happenings here in Yokohama.  At the beginning of this month, we, along with some other missionaries in Japan, had the opportunity to host Jason Nicholas, who, among other things, was doing some prep work for the "Extreme Team Trip" this July.  For those of you who don't know about Extreme Team, please click on to find out more about this life-changing experience for American Baptist youth...

As you know, I started working at Kanto Gakuin Mutsuura Junior/High School as a chaplain just last month, and we had our first big trip with the kids this past week--a "nature camp" with our 205 Junior High 2nd year students (equivalent to US 8th graders) to Karuizawa in central Japan.  We had worship every morning and night.

The trick was that I had to give my first message in Japanese on the evening of May 14th.  I was feeling pretty "dokidoki"--nervous!  You know how 8th graders can be--unforgiving!  But as I was eating my supper before the service, I noticed a basket of cards which the conference center people had placed on the table.  The cards had Japanese Bible verses printed on them, and as I read the first one I had picked up, a wave of peace came over me--it said, "zensekai ni itte, subete no tsukuraretamono ni fukuin o nobetsutaenasai": "Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15).  It was as if God was saying, "Remember, this is not really about you.  It's about Me."  

The message went well and I ended up having lots of opportunities to spend time with both students and faculty one-on-one during the week.

Please pray for Kari, too--her due date is the 26th of this month.  AAAAuugh!  Are we ready?!  We're all healthy and waiting for a new little Davidson!  Thanks again for all your prayers and your kindness to us.

The Peace of Christ,

Dwight (for the whole family)
Dwight, Kari, Adam & Sarah Davidson