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Happy American Thanksgiving

November 27, 2002 Journal

Greetings from Yokohama, and Happy American Thanksgiving to everyone.We are occasionally asked by people "what's Thanksgiving like in Japan?..." =)hmmm.

Well, actually Japan does have a Thanksgiving holiday the Saturday before our holiday.Instead of remembering pilgrims and Native Americans, eating turkey and mashed potatoes (I don't know of many Japanese who have eaten mashed potatoes!)they celebrate work.It's more like a combination of Labor Day and a celebration of harvest.There is a tradition of kids gathering fresh fruits and vegetables and taking them to the homes of elderly people; in fact the young people at the Baptist church we've been attending did just that last Sunday; there was a huge basket of fresh persimmons and daikons (a huge turnip) and oranges, squash etc. on the altar while we worshipped, which was later spread throughout the neighborhood.

Family Photo

We Davidsons want to say "Thank You" to all of you who are praying for us. We enjoy getting your cards and letters.Occasionally we wonder if we will EVER be able to communicate the way we'd like in Japanese but each day brings new occasion to practice and make new mistakes we can learn from... also, a few fluent English speaking Japanese friends have been a great encouragement to us.Just to hear someone say,"you're doing a really good job,""your presence here is important" and having a calm listening ear (Japanese seem to be great at listening!) does a world of good and makes us feel at home.We are thankful for, and have already gained so much from, Christian friends here and in the States; we rely on you more than you realize!!May you all have a blessed holiday.

In Christ's Love,

Kari and Dwight Davidson