International Ministries

God’s Spirit Keeps Moving

October 6, 2002 Journal


Just recently, we celebrated our one-year anniversary of serving with the Japan Baptist Union here in Yokohama.What a year of changes and challenges it has been!In these short months, we've watched our 6-year old Adam become transformed into a Japanese-speaking jon-ken-po player; we've looked on as Sarah turned into a chop-stick wielding, rice-eating machine, and we've managed to get through pangs of homesickness, a major hospitalization, and what has seemed like a gauntlet of intense language study.During this time, God has given us an incredible amount of patience.We've had to New friends at a neighborhood festival.absorb and process more emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually than during any other time of our lives.Yet, day after day, God's Spirit keeps moving people our way who serve to convince us that Japan is a great place for ministry, and that God's "good news" is powerful beyond our imaginations!

Next April, we will graduate from language school and we'll both becoming more involved in direct student ministry through churches and at the Kanto Gakuin school system here in Yokohama.Please pray that...

During this time of the World Mission Offering (WMO), we want to thank you for your financial support, and to remind you that we can continue to work here in Japan only because of your faithful giving to missions through the WMO.Please prayerfully consider how much you can give this year to spread the peace of Christ around the world.

In Christ,

Dwight, Kari, Adam and Sarah Davidson
Yokohama, Japan