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January 13, 2009 Journal
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Dear partners in the mission to Bolivia:

We want to thank you for all your prayers and support as we went back to Houston last week. The news are very encouraging:

1-     Oncologists at the MD Anderson CA Center, are very optimistic to see how Iris is progressing, she looks great, energetic, enthusiastic and her lab results were encouraging. Moraleschristmas08

2-    Furthermore, the doctors did not find any new tumors in Iris’ neck for the first time since July 2006 when she was diagnosed. At this point the origin of her cancer seems to be very much under control. This means that the surgery she had last year was a success.

3-    Nevertheless, the CA activity in her longs seems to be a bit active but not aggressive. At this point, the oncologists want to monitor its growth and development for six months and then try a new treatment.

4-    In regards to her voice loss, she was evaluated by a speech Surgeon specialized in cases like Iris’ and she thinks they can help get her voice back up to 80 or 90 % with an out patient surgery which may take place this year. Again, this doctor was also very impressed as to how her voice box has improved despite the type of surgery she had.

5-    As you know, Iris is always talking about our mission work in Bolivia her doctors not only think that she can go there to work for short periods of time as therapy but some of them are also asking about how to get involved in medical trips with her!

This was in general the most positive visit we had ever since we started treatments here in the US. The doctors may be surprised to see Iris’ improvements but we know that it is our God the one who takes all the glory and honor for what He is doing in Iris health. We are due back in July for follow up, possible treatments. In the mean time we will continue our mission work to Bolivia and at the same time working with BIM to identify people God is calling to serve in mission work.

It is a better life because of Jesus!

Mario Morales