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Multiple Explosions in Mumbai, India

November 25, 2008 Story


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Several places in Mumbai were under attack by Muslim militants who carried machine guns and set bombs in hotels and train terminal. It is reported that the terrorists have targeted westerners. To read related news, click;_ylt=Ala4I.5gAevy5zeI85JF2mJvaA8F

After hearing the news, Benjamin Chan, Area Director of East Asia and India, talked to missionary Cathy Holmes over the phone. Cathy is in a safe environment at the Woodstock School in Mussoorie in anther state of India. The other three India missionaries, Debbie Mulneix, Betsy and David Perkins are in the US. We pay close attention to the development of Mumbai situation, and pray that the attacks will not spread to other cities of India. We also remember the victims and the restoration of order and peace of the country.

Benjamin was in Mumbai three weeks ago visiting churches and Christian organizations that have active involvement in urban mission. He was at some of the places where the attacks took place.
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