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Ben Chan shares China Trip Highlights and Pictures

September 4, 2008 Story


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I visited Shanghai, Nanjing and Beijing of China as the President of the Theological Education in South East Asia (FTE) and the Area Director of East Asia and India of American Baptist International Ministries from August 24 to September 2. Accompanying me in the visit of the first two cities are Dr. HS Wilson, FTE Executive Director, and Dr. Sze-kar Wan, FTE Board and Executive Committee members. I hope that you will enjoy the highlights and pictures. Please continue to pray and support the Church and the ministries in China.

China Trip Pictures:

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China Christian Council and Three-Self Patriotic Movement
* We have gained a consensus with the new leadership of the China of Church in the following areas:
- Strengthen short and long term theological training in China and overseas;
- Improve the collection and librarian training of the 18 seminary libraries;
- Enhance the exchange of visit and mutual understanding;
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The Nanjing Union Theological Seminary
- The new campus of the seminary is close to completion.
- The size of the new campus is 4-5 times larger than the old one, and the school plans to double the number of students to 500.
- The seminary is located in a University Park neighboring 13 colleges and universities which provides both wonderful witness and study environment.
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Amity Foundation and Amity Printing Company
- The earthquake relief work of Amity Foundation is highly recognized by the Chinese Government, partner churches and NGOs.
- The Printing Company has printed 100,000 copies of Special Edition Four Gospels for Beijing Olympics participants and visitors.
- The Printing Company has moved to a new site with the most modern printing equipment. They have printed and distributed over 64 millions Bibles in China, and produced over 10 millions in year 2007 and 2008.
- About 50 countries have placed orders of the Bible and Christian literature (in Chinese and other languages) with the Amity Printing Press.
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State Administration of Religious Affairs (SARA)
- SARA continues to promote the mutual understanding and respect of different religious communities in China.
- SARA supports the training of Christian leaders and theological educators. They assist the Nanjing Union Theological Seminary to acquire the land for the new campus.
- A delegation of the five main religions in China will visit the US in September, 2008.

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