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Holy Baptism!

March 9, 2005 Journal
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Not one, not two, not three….but five American Baptist missionary children were baptized by ABC missionary Rev. Mike Lowery this past Sunday. In fact, aside from the five ABC ‘missionary kids' (MKs) , Mike baptized nearly a dozen others from various mission organizations including the Methodists, Mennonites, Mike Lowery with Five Recently Baptized MKsDisciples, and other members of our International Protestant Church in Kinshasa.

We know that our American Baptist churches did not send us to Congo to have our own children baptized…….but if it happens on the side, what a blessing and what a joy!

Baptism will not save us, it will not reserve for us a special place in heaven or a special standing in our International Church in Kinshasa. It is however, an act of obedience and a public profession of our faith……and last Sunday in the city of Kinshasa, a group of children and young adults proclaimed ‘Christ' before men and women from over thirty nations and cultures.

"Whoever acknowledges me before men, the Son of Man will also acknowledge him before the angels of God…." (Lk 12:8)

Bill and Ann Clemmer

(MK parents)

Kinshasa, Dem Rep of Congo